I share a free story or guided visualisation with my mailing list every month, and you can find a small selection of my stories here. 

If you would like to share these stories you are welcome to do so, as long as you credit me as the author and provide a link to my website so others can find me and learn more about the magic of therapeutic storytelling!

The Stay Home Superheroes

A story to support children to understand the pandemic and the lockdown, empowering them to become Stay Home Superheroes and find the fun and the power of staying home to help save the world!

The Little Helpers

A story co-written with Lebanese Play Therapist Maha Ghazale written to support children in Beirut following the August 2020 explosion. This story can support children who have experienced trauma to 'Look for the Helpers' and find comfort and hope during difficult times.

Benjamin Bear and the Long Winter

This story helps children who may be struggling to transition back to school after extended time at home due to the pandemic.

In Our Hearts

A therapeutic story to help children to process the death of someone very special. In this story I explain in simple language what dying means and share a simple practice that can help children feel an ongoing sense of connection to their loved one.

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