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The Bluebird's Song- A Therapeutic Story For Self Care

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

This therapeutic story is for everyone out there working hard to help others and make the world a little better, but not taking the time to look after THEMSELVES too.

The message in this story is so important for parents, carers and helping professionals of all kinds. We are all so vulnerable to burnout, now more than ever with increasing demands but decreasing resources! Self-care is so important when it comes to wellbeing and preventing burnout, but is often an after-thought rather than a priority.

I am also seeing increasing numbers of children who present with this tendency to over-stretch themselves to meet the needs of others. Perfectionists stressing over every detail of their school work, children feeling they need to support their parents or carers, young people who are supporting friends going through difficult times. The list goes on.

My message is this:

You need to rest too.

You need to be looked after too.

It's OK to take time away, to step back, to take all of that care you show others and direct it towards yourself for a little while.

Because when you allow yourself that time, rest and nurture, you will come back stronger, happier, and in an even better position to support others.

We NEED your voice, the song only you can sing, the work only you can do.

So we NEED you to take care of yourself so you can keep on singing.

Belle was a bluebird

who lived in a nest.

She was constantly singing

and her songs were the best.

They made others happy.

Her voice made them smile.

So she sang day and night

in her own special style.

And she sang and she sang,

'till her throat became sore.

But she still didn't stop,

though it hurt to sing more.

"Listen up" said Wise Owl.

"I won't say this twice."

So Belle moved in closer,

to heed his advice.

"I cannot stop now,

I just have to keep going!"

said Belle, as the pain

in her throat kept on growing.

"Oh Belle, don't you know,

all birds need to rest!

Some time to recharge

and relax in their nest"

But Belle wasn't sure...

They needed her voice!

But soon it would fade,

she'd be left with no choice.

"If you just keep on singing

and don't rest up soon,

then there'll be no more singing.

There'll be no more tune."

Belle nodded sadly,

she knew Owl was right.

She couldn't keep singing

all day and all night.

So she stopped all her singing

and rested instead.

She let her throat heal,

just like Wise Owl had said.

And when she felt ready

(but not a moment before)

She opened her beak

to start singing once more. And the song that came out,

that just rolled off her tongue,

was the best and the sweetest

that she'd ever sung.

ⓒ 2021 Sophie's Stories

Activity Idea

Materials needed:

  • Paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Pens


1. Ask the child/young person to draw a picture

of the blue bird and cut this out.

2. Talk to the child about all the things children can do to rest and recharge.

3. Write down these examples on strips of brown paper.

4. Use the pieces of paper to create a 'nest' for the bluebird.

5. Place the bluebird into the nest so it can recharge!


Take good care,

P.S If you want to learn more about using therapeutic stories just like this one, check out my Therapeutic Storytelling Workshop by clicking HERE!

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