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Putting Button Back Together- a therapeutic story about finding strength after trauma

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

My latest story was inspired by this quote:

It's easier said than done, and when you've been hurt it is only natural to find ways to protect yourself. For children, this sense of self-preservation is particularly strong and we often see a huge range of adaptive behaviours that they have learnt to use in an attempt to keep themselves physically, and emotionally safe. Often this behaviour is labelled 'maladaptive'. But I don't view it that way. These behaviours may be challenging, but these children adapted to the situations they were in, and found ways to survive as best they could. These children are strong, resilient and their behaviours, viewed through the trauma they experienced, are adaptive.

Our work is in supporting them to adapt to their new world, one where they are safe and protected by the adults around them, so they learn that they no longer need to use those behaviours. This can be a long, difficult process and one that requires a lot of love and patience from everyone around them. It's our job to gently support them to remove those protective spikes, so they can rest, no longer needing that tough exterior, feeling safe again in their softness.

So get your favourite soft blanket, snuggle up, and enjoy my latest therapeutic story.

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