My Story

It’s a cliché I know, but I have always had a drive to help others. I started my career working with adults with mental health problems, but I could never shake this thought of ‘what if you had received this support when you were younger? How different could your life be now?’

So I started working with young people, children and families, and this led me to Play Therapy. I fell in love with using play and creativity to help children to explore their feelings, to express themselves and to make sense of their experiences. 

In my training I discovered the magic of therapeutic stories. These stories use metaphors to help a child think about a problem or issue and start to process it. They provide a way to talk about the problem indirectly. A well written story creates a safe distance between the child and the problem which then allows them some space to begin to heal. It can help a child to feel understood as they relate to the character in the story and find new ways to cope with the issue they are facing.

Throughout my training I discovered the power of this intervention, using it successfully again and again with many of the children I worked with. I discovered that many of my colleagues also loved using stories, but didn’t enjoy or feel confident writing them and so had to ‘make do’ with the stories available for purchase or use a different intervention altogether.

This got me thinking. Writing stories has come naturally to me since I was a child. My training cohort joked that I was ‘The Queen of Metaphors’ for the way I could find creative ways to express ideas through metaphor and story. I realised I could use this to help children everywhere, by writing stories that were created with a lot of love and a little magic, especially for them.

And just like that, Sophie’s Stories was born, represented by an oak tree...

‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow’


Here’s to the Little Acorns of today and the Mighty Oaks of tomorrow.

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